August 30, 2008

The New Office

Yepp-o! I've got my computer at home and will now be working from the dining room as opposed to driving into the office. Who knows for how long because of the outsourcing, but I'll take all I can get before I have the baby, and after I have her too.

I set it up yesterday, and good thing, because I had to call the Help Desk (i.e. India) about 4 times and eventually they had to do a password reset for me and the only way to get it to me was through my manager. So needless to say, if I had waited until today, my manager would not have been in the office for me to harass for my password via Yahoo mail, and I would have been SOL.

I set it up all "pretty" (basically I decorated - well sort of). I put up things i need like server lists and break schedules, and then the stuff I have accumulated such as Gerber Daisy (my favorite flower) cut-outs and the drawing of the butterfly tattoo I want eventually and my little origami frog and IT stress ball and cell phone lounge chair. :D Oh and don't you love my Anne Geddes background? I do :D

Here's the finished product:


Colleen said...

Working at home is ideal. Hope it lasts for a long time for you.

Elizabeth said...

So do i...