August 11, 2008

Spiedie Fest 08

So this is my attempt at catching up on Blogging... I have been meaning to put these entries on here for the last week however It's been really busy at work soooooo needless to say I'm doing it all now.


So last weekend Mom and I went back to Grandma's for the Spiedie Fest 08. I have never been to the Spiedie Festival, so it was really cool to finally get to go. We got there and there were a bunch of craft vendors and then we got the the food circle - holy cow! It's never been so hard to choose whose spiedies you want to eat - of course we eventually made our way to the Lupo's tent. In the middle of the food vendor circle, was a car show and then a little later on in the day it was a bike show.

However Mom and I went mostly to see Luke play as the lead guitarist for Mitchel Musso. We got to meet up with him after the concert and say hi. It was great and he seems to be doing really well for himself.

While we were in line waiting to watch the concert Ace Young from American Idol (who was performing later on in the night) was off to the side taking pics w/ people and signing autographs, so OF COURSE I had to go get my picture taken with him and goodness he is cute! :D Yeah I really love this picture :D

(yeah you can't deny that he's GORGEOUS)

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