March 27, 2010

A New Day Has Come!

So I am going to try and stop sounding like the boy who cried wolf and just blog when i remember to and I have something good to talk about. Most of the time i feel like life is pretty monotonous around here. Nothing bad about that but just not much to blog about lol. Anyways.... things are finally starting to pick up. What I mean about that is that I finally got a job. And it's not a job that will end up being a dead end job doing something I hate and being there 9-5 and never seeing anyone around here. I get to still stay home with Olivia and I make my own hours.

You may be asking yourself, what is this job you refer to??? Well.... I am on my way to being a financial planner. I get to help families become properly protected (with things such as the right kind of life insurance, etc.), get out of debt and have financial freedom and in the process, learn how to manage and properly save my money. I mean, in this economy, who doesn't want that? It's a light at the end of the tunnel for some people and I am soooooo psyched! The name of the company is Primerica. They have been around for 33yrs and have an impeccable track record and are going public in the stock market this week! So It's actually a really important week for the company and it's such a great time for me to be joining the team and for business.

Oh man there is just so much I could tell you right now it's ridiculous. I am so excited!!!!! :D

One of the main reasons is that I get to do a job, fall in love with it and most importantly - Help People. I knew that whatever I was going to do with my life needed to be something where I can help other people some way. I never thought that It would be this, but i know in my gut that it is.

Ok.... in other news hehe .......... Chris just got a job too!!!! Seriously, God i lookin out for us. We've been trying and trying to find jobs and then all of a sudden the door just opened up and we literally walked right into them... (that's another story haha)

The girls are doing great! Saying lots of new words and everything. I'm going to try and get some pictures up here later.

And I'm getting a new phone.... Samsung Omina 2 ..... friggin sweeeeet phone! Plus i need it for work woohoo

Ok and now to leave you with the song that is currently running through my head and the inspiration for my blog title

March 07, 2010

We've got fish!

So, I play this game on Facebook called fishville. It's your own virtual fish tank and it's pretty awesome. On top of that I've wanted a fish tank for a while.... soooo we got our act together and cleared off a corner of our kitchen counter in a rare spring cleaning motivated moment and got a 10 gallon tank and some decorations this week and went and got some fish for it today.

We have 2 dogs named Orion (a black lab/pit mix) & Apollo (an american bulldog). Then I found out that 2 of my sisters got fish for their kids and I decided it was time to follow through and get some finally for our kids (and us too of course hehe). My 1 niece J named her 2 fish Hermes and Neptune. Then my other sister's 2 kids A & M wanted some fish so they got 4 and consulted J about names and named theirs Jupiter, Venus, Triton & Poseidon. So in true family spirit (and the compulsion to follow through with an existing pattern lol) we decided to name our fish in the same fashion. :D

So meet Artemis, Athena, Medusa & Zeus. (We are getting another one and naming it Persephone but we wanted an angelfish and they didn't have any at petco today)

Top to bottom: Zeus - a Marble Lyretail Molly, Athena - a Gold Gourami, Artemis - a Blue Gourami & our Algea eater Medusa - a Plecostomus.

Above is a better picture of the 3 fish... the neat thing about the gourami's is that they can change color. like get brighter and stuff. Weeeee! :D Fish are soo neat.

A good view of our ancient ruin tank (and all the randomness on the counter behind it - lol sorry)

Like the fallen ruins? lol I do :D I couldn't resist.