August 24, 2008


Pardon my crappy appearance, BUT this is what I did this morning... I got one project out of about 4 out of the way. This finished project would be my baby sling!!! I bought the fabric this week (i needed a different one than the one i was going to use so now i have to find a new use for it) and it's hard to tell in these pictures but it's a deep teal - my favorite color... and it's an interlock knit. I used fuscia thread so i had a little contrast and hemmed all the sides and pleated the part that would go through the rings and VOILA - a SLING! :D

I used my purse as a stand in for a baby. :P And it probably weighs just as much as one too lolol


Colleen said...

One more thing done before the baby comes. Looks good.

Quincy said...

Good job!