December 16, 2008

Christmas is coming... OI!

These last 2 weeks have been pretty busy. I've been home with the baby by myself trying to not only keep her busy and keep her company, but also try and make Christmas presents for our homemade Christmas. Now I have plenty of WIP's however i cant really show them since they are for people that read this blog... BUT I can show pics of a couple things I made for Olivia.

I made her an Olivia's first Christmas ornament...

I also just made tonight a blanket for Olivia with some fabric I picked up at Joann's this week. I was really excited because the fabric is not only adorable, but it's also the colors in our room. I used some batting in the middle to make it a little warmer for the winter and sewed some squigglies on it to keep it interesting.

This year we have our little 4' tree up. It was just easier with the holidays being so hectic this year. Avery and Mitchell helped my mom decorate it and I added some icicles and mom finished it up. I think it looks pretty cute and of course we probably have enough ornaments to fill 3 or 4 of those trees lol.

And what is a post without a picture of Olivia... this picture was a fluke when I was trying to get a pic of her eyes (that are on their way to being green btw) and its is up there with my favorites so far.

Finally here are 2 videos of Olivia..... The first is of Olivia putting her pacifier back in her mouth after I tell her to and the second is her rolling over from her belly to her back. YEPPP she may only be 2 1/2 months old but she is definitely rolling over already - it's insane.... Now we just have to work on back to belly :)

December 02, 2008

What a Difference!

I decided that I was going to take as close to the same picture of Olivia every month to see the changes and I took her 2month picture today. OH MY.....

Here she is at 1 month (5 wks old)

Here she is at 2 months (9 wks old)

You can see the change in length, size and her face!!! Oi! She is getting so big. I like this picture thing though because when you see her everyday you don't notice the difference as much. But when you have a month span of difference to look it it's amazing.