April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!


This just made my night....

hahaha this kid is hysterical!!!! This video made my night and i thought I'd share.

Amazing Dancing Kid!

April 10, 2009

Guinea Pig.....

I was the guinea pig... I got my hair cut yesterday by none other than ... my sister Kate. She is going to school for Cosmetology and is now out on the floor cutting actual people's hair starting this past monday. So she didn't want to work on a mannequin and convinced me to come in and at least get it washed and dried - I, obviously on crack cuz im very picky bout my hair, said - hey why dont you trim it too! So before i knew it (actually it took a while cuz everything gets approved by the 1 and only instructor that is bring torn between 25 girls) I was shampooed and getting my hair trimmed. Then half-way through i realized that other than a mannequin, i was her first haircut! I thought - OMG! What am I thinking?!?!?!?! - and i bugged the crap outta her to make sure it came out good - but all in all it came out pretty great! :D See below...

...in the process

...just finished (then i got my eyebrows waxed)

... just now! :D

Looks pretty good right?

Look what I can do!

I woke up the other morning and Olivia was playing in her crib and then did this.......

Yes that's right! She pulled herself up w/ help of the slats to her knees... grabbed onto the railing - and pulled herself up to standing position and stood there for a while talking to me and Kate and we even got my mom up there to see it before she left for work. And since then Olivia was waiting for me on her knees in her bed today holding onto the railing when she woke up from her nap and found her way today to the diaper box and sat there on her knees and then 1 knee and 1 foot for a while just playing w/ it and opening and closing the flap.

She's too much... Someone tell my why my 6mo old is already crawling (and speed crawling that is and laughing when i try to get her cuz she thinks its funny and a game) and now pulling herself up!!! She is gonna be walking before i know it... Cuz all of this stuff sure crept up on me.