January 27, 2009

Progress Report

Today Olivia had her appointment to see the pediatrician for her 4 month checkup which included shots. She got 2 shots in 1 leg and 1 in the other and of course hated it. They weighed and measured her and she is 14 1/2 lbs and 25" long! OMG such a big girl...

As you can see - she grabs at her feet now. She almost can get them in her mouth. She grabs for toys and everything else in between. And somewhere between last night and today she figured out how to get her knees under her while pushing herself up. I give her till the end of February to be crawling. Oi!

January 25, 2009

Last but not least - Today

OK I am all caught up here :P and i promise to not let this much time go by w/o blogging again... so Today she was beyond adorable and I thought I would share :D

My Favorites!!! :D

Mommy and Me

SOme pics of us.... Olivia and Mommy time is the best :D

And just a few of me for the heck of it :P

Boyfriend Already?

HAHA well Olivia and Zackery seem to enjoy eachother's company enough :P He's Laura's nephew and we like to go visit him... actually we are going over there tonight for laura's bday get together :D Sooo just thought i would show u a few pics of her and Zack. Cuz gosh are they cute

this was just the other night and they held hands most of the time they realized the other was there - how friggin cute


I thought I would jusy post some pictures of Olivia playing... she's starting to get more independant... she can now reach out for toys and play with them when she is in her bouncy chair or her carseat or even on the floor. she is a big girl! :D

playing w/ her new giraffe rattle

@ nana's playing with bella - or more like being entertained by bella

holding her new favorite stuffy - william (Thanks Quincy!!!)

Playing on the floor - she's very good @ pushing herself up

Laughing at Laura when we went to the restaurant

pushing her face up against the pack and play hahah it was waaay too funny

ok ok so this isnt really playing, but she was very good and watched finding nemo while I attempted to clean our room

playing in the bouncer that laura's family gave us

LNT Party

As everyone has heard all over the place, Linens N Things has liquidated and gone out of business and seeing as I used to work there and am still good friends w/ the people i worked w/ I was invited to their "LNT *268 4ever* Party" :D I loved getting to see everyone and I hope they loved seeing me too haha although im pretty sure Olivia took over and she definitely was the center of attention. Go figure - a baby being the center of attention hahaha.

look @ what she got a hold of - a noisemaker - good thing she didnt figure out how to use it :P

a few of my LNT buddies

Claudia playing w/ Olivia - it was SO cute

My manager debbie - holding Olivia

I had alot of fun though and it was great to see everyone... I hope i get to see some of them soon... there were more ppl there but I of course didnt get very many pictures of them. :)

Christmas / New Years

Well first off in the middle of December I got Olivia's pictures taken. Hard to believe that she was 2 1/2 months in these but omg was she a hamm.

This one is the one I got the package of and has been sent around:

This was my free enhanced 8x10 - currently framed and on top of the entertainment center:

This was the extra i got suckered into buying when i went to p/u the pics:

Don't you just want to eat her up???? I can't get over how cute she is.

Sometime not long afterwards Beacon had a Christmas Parade that we took Avery and Mitch to see.... they got their picture taken with Santa - thanks to much persistance by me haha it was insane down there.

So along came Christmas - we had a great day and Olivia was very good for presents and passed out shortly after. Here's a few pictures from christmas.

I love how she looks like a little christmas elf here - she's sitting on her Uncle Chris' lap looking very mischevious...

Lastly is NEw Years. Kate's plans got ruined by the snow, so lucky for me, I had a babysitter and got the heck outta dodge and went to a friends house w/ my friend Karalyn. It was fun and I had a blast. I love this girl lol she makes my life more interesting :D She's Livi's Auntie Kay and she also is the one who bought that little bouncy chair you see Olivia in in the CHristmas presents.

All in all our holidays were great and I really hope everyone's were as well and that you rang in the new year w/ a bang :D