June 30, 2010

On My Mind... (confiscated from As is Proper)

On my mind
For Today...
June 30, 2010

Outside my window... is a lot of sun. It's in the 100's here and it's still pouring through the windows.

I am thinking...  that I would like to do a project soon. I have a few things in mind but currently dwelling on the fact that I want to make a measuring stick to track the girls height. Probably going to go to Home Depot and get some 6' long 2x4's - one for Olivia and one for Rachel - and sand and paint them and put little designs on them and then screw them to the wall so i can track their height on there instead of a door post. It's something we can take with us if we move and if there is one for each gorl they can keep them when they get older. So I want to do that but Idk when.

I am thankful for... air conditioning lol

I'm wearing... a green tank top and jeans. nothing fancy.

I am remembering... Schoodic Point. I love and miss that place. I was always so inspired there and I miss Maine so bad. My family is going this year and unfortunately as much as I would love to go I don't think it's going to happen. :(  

I am creating... tattoos. Well sort of. It seems like thats the closest I've come to art recently. I've been doing the stenciling and drawing for our friends that come over for Chris to tattoo. And I even got in on it and did one on myself which i must say is awesome and i'm really proud of it.  Hopefully i soon i will be creating more stuff too.

I am going... crazy... no just kidding. Chris and i are going to take the girls to the water park at the junior high by us. It's got some slides and water mushrooms and geysers and a kid area and it's $4 total to get in. Yay!

I am reading...  wow nothing at the moment except for blogs. I'm in the middle of re-reading Cloud Nine by Luanne Rice.

Song that is playing over and over in my head... Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down feat. Rome of Sublime w/ Rome

I am hoping... that Chris and I will be able to find bigger place soon that is reasonably priced. *crosses fingers*

Noticing that... my house is a mess.... yet again

From the kitchen... I'm trying to avoid the kitchen right now. I guess i should go to the store and get soe meat so i can make some dinner in the kitchen lol

Around the house... Everything is everywhere. I'm trying to go through it cabinet by cabinet etc. so that when we do move it's not a bigger hassle than it will be already.

One of my favorite things... hugs from Olivia. she likes to nestle her head right in the crook of my neck and pull me in close. It melts me every time.

 A few plans for the rest of the week... Swimming tomorrow, Gotta go get some lab work done, and a meeting friday night otherwise not much else.

A picture I would like to share...

June 29, 2010


Sooooo.... I said earlier that I have been practice skin for Chris recently as he embarks on his tattoo endeavors. Well, today I decided to be practice skin for someone other than Chris............ and that would be me!!!! Yes I did a tattoo on my calf today and not just a nautical star that is what I guess would be a typical "starter" tattoo so I searched long and hard for something i wanted that i knew i would actually like and be able to do and I chose to tattoo this:

So I drew it up last night and did the outline today and it turned out like this!

Isn't he cute!? I'm waiting to color it in later when we get more colors so for now I will just have this outline but I loveeeeee it. And I am pretty proud of it for my first tattoo. It took a little to get used to the tattoo gun but once i was comfortable with it, it was just like tracing a picture (which is all it really was) and I had fun and got it done pretty quick.

:-D Fun times.... i can't wait to fill him in though.

June 28, 2010

Time to catch everyone up........

Well It's Summer in Arizona and obviously HOT but still no humidity and suprisingly tolerable (yes even at 110 degrees). We've been very busy doing a whole lot of nothing it seems. We have Rachel (my step-daughter) half the time, but it seems like it's more than that which is OK with both Chris and I because we like it that way. Olivia and Rachel have each other to play with...well really it's more like cause trouble and make messes with but at least they have fun together doing it. They are pretty much inseparable minus a few sibling squabbles throughout the day.
 Chris has been learning to tattoo. He's doing so well! Of course I have been practice skin a few times but I am pleased with the way it has all turned out. A lot of our friends have come over and been practice skin too and we have even made new acquaintances in the process. So all in all that has been pretty cool. He and I team up doing it too. I do the art/stencil/placement part and he does the dropping ink part. It's actually quite fun but my house get's pretty busy sometimes and then I feel like a tornado has swept through my living area and the thought of putting everything back makes me cringe. Luckily I find moments to do it and on nights like tonight, it looks fantastic (thank God).
***sidenote - the picture of the fore arm with the lotus flowers and vines is just the outline but I put that sucker together myself. and free-handed the vines on his arm. it is SICK!***

We are hoping to move into a new house in August *crosses fingers*. We simply can't live in our little 2 bedroom for much longer... not with 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a 55 and a 10 gallon fish tank, and frequent company. There's just no way. I feel like I have to come up with super creative places to put things lol and I know I shouldn't have to do that. So I have been in touch with a realtor and hopefully we can get something bigger for less than we are paying now :D

Oh goodness..... I'm sure there's more but I'm drawing a blank.

I'm working for Primerica and I love it. It's been a slow start trying to remember all the information and get a client base but I have faith that I will get there. Chris is looking for a new job too but we're having a hard time finding a place that's hiring cooks. He'll be back in school in the fall so that will be nice as he's working towards his Business degree and his Hotel/Restaurant Management degree.

All in all everything is going well and we are having a great time doing tons of stuff and nothing at all.

To Catch you up here are some pictures of the girls... enjoy! :D