August 28, 2008

I love my Lips... USTA!

This one is for Quincy... I thought I'd go find my favorite Cucumber and put him up on display since she got her cucumber song so stuck in my head. ;)

Otherwise, I have exactly 3 weeks left until Olivia is supposed to show her face!!! I'm so excited and just taking it one day at a time now. She has been head down for a couple weeks now and likes to stick her hiney up when I rub my belly... she plays games with me and it's really cute. She also likes to kick my side, but not hard enough to hurt, just enough to jolt me and sometimes I swear I can feel her feet when i keep my hand there... I keep having these weird dreams that she pushes her feet out far enough that I can see the imprint, and that she finds my hand with hers. It's so odd, but I just think it must resemble the connection we already have. I can't wait to meet her, even though Grammie and I are both bargaining with her to stay in until the 10th. I think It's gonna be the 15th to be quite honest. But we'll see... Like I said - One day at a time and all it is, is a waiting game now. They wouldn't stop labor now if it started, because the baby is considered full term.
I have her bag packed for the hospital and almost have all of mine packed too. The car seat will be installed in mom's car one of these days, since she is the one whose car will be going to the hospital, and that's really it... Just sit, work, and wait.

Ohh that reminds me! Tonight is my last night in the office, and I have been approved to work from home now. At least till my account gets outsourced... which I'm hoping is December and not September. But either way, I have been approved to work from home till the end of the account. I am super excited about this :D

And the only other thing is to say that I jazzed up my blog a bit and added a couple apps like random facts and the National Geographic Pic of the day, and at the bottom is the Monet Painting of the day (MY FAVORITE ARTIST EVERRRRR)

Ok that's all... hope you enjoyed Larry the Cucumber :D


Leslie said...

when is your due date...i thought it was the 18th? Are you expecting her to be early?

Elizabeth said...

It is the 18th... but she'll come when she wants to. The only reason I say the 15th, is because It's a full moon.

Quincy said...

Thanks, Beth! I love Larry! I can't wait to meet Olivia!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for you to meet her either! and Larry rocks my socks off. :D

Colleen said...

I had the same dream when I was pregnant. I vividly "remember" seeing the baby's foot stick out so far that I could see it. It was so real. Can't wait to see her and her little feet.

Grammie/Mom said...

The foot sticking out wasn't a dream for me, it really happened. It was with you and Kate. I saw the whole foot--toes included!! That is a memory I won't forget.