December 10, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Ok this post is out of order from all the rest being that I have about 5 more drafts left to post but I am too excited about these pictures to keep them from you.

I took the girls to get their Christmas pictures taken today and boy do they look cute!!!!

We Got the first, second & last pictures.... I didn't have money to get anymore of the individuals otherwise i would have. We got the package of pictures of the first picture of the two of them and then a sheet with 4 wallets and a 3 1/2 x 5 of Olivia and the same for Rachel. I can order more prints if I want to from the site i got the proofs off of. If anyone wants to order yourself some like a bigger picture than might get sent to you, I can send you the login and pw to get into the site to order these pictures :D I think they came out really great :)

Ok off to bed.... nighty night! Xmas tree pictures to come as soon as I put my tree skirt on and get a good tree topper

December 07, 2009


We did a lot for Halloween. The weekend before we Rachel and Olivia to the Gilbert Halloween Festival. It was cute and we all dressed up for it. Olivia was a princess, Rachel was a ladybug, Chris was a Winged Reaper and I was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. The festival was cute but kind of a bust cuz the girls were still too little to do anything like the bounce houses.

Here they are - The Princess and The Ladybug

Olivia wasn't too sure about that hat and Rachel wasn't too sure about those wings.

As you can see these 2 are sans hat and wings at the Halloween Festival lol.

see her princess shoes? ^ :D I love them

On Halloween we went to the Arizona Irish Festival during the day for a music project Chris had to do for his Music in Culture class. We walked around the Irish cultural center and everything was really cool. There were people in period dress and people playing instruments and lots of little kids in costumes. It was a lot of fun.

(Hey... I didn't know Doc was Irish lol)

The main band we saw - The Knockabouts. They're pretty darn good :D

We got home in time to go Trick-or-Treating to the other town homes here and we had a blast. Olivia had her little Glow stick flower wand and her princess shoes and we were off.

We had lots of fun :D

Camping in Tonto National Forest

In October we went Camping with our friend Michele and her 3 girls and the babysitter. We bundled everyone up and drove about an hour and a half north east to the Tonto National Forest where it was about 25 degrees cooler than at the house. So it was pretty chilly that night but we kept the fire going and everyone had a blast. We made taco salad for dinner and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for dessert and had a blast. Idk how soon I'll go camping again though lol
Here are the pictures I took:

Rachel & Olivia banging on the picnic bench

Playing in the dirt with Sydney

Rachel probably walked on the cement beam for a good 30 minutes with Chris back and forth. I love this picture of them. / Sydney being cute / Rachel bringing her plate to Ray Ray (the sitter) ...somehow Michele's oldest, Tatum managed to escape my pictures lol

Olivia, Ray Ray & Aubrey / I love this picture of Liv & Aubrey - The girls fought over who got to play with and watch which baby. I love it. They love Olivia and Rachel so much & we love them.

The campsite. I particularly loved that old tree that has been used multiple times for firewood (we left it alone though and sent the girls to go get wood that was already scattered through the woods)

Random Pictures in AZ --- Take 1