August 19, 2008

Because I was bored...

I came home from work tonight and decided that since I really have nothing to do, I'm gonna make chocolate chip cookies. Yup! 11 @ night I paused last night's Olympics (side note - can you believe Nastia got 2nd in the uneven parallel bars??? UGH she totally deserved Gold even w/ that tie she was better) and went in the kitchen and made 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies as seen below (minus a few that made their way to my stomach and Olivia's too)

I cleaned the bathroom and my room HARDCORE today... my bookshelf actually looks reasonable and I got the folding screen that I bought this week up stairs and in my room so i could dust it off. The wood matches perfectly to the crib. However I went to dust the bottom of the screen and there was a TON of smelly old animal hair most of which wouldn't even come off the rice paper w/ a vacuum... SOOO I decided that I'm gonna go to the fabric store (lol or I could raid Leslie's fabric store :P ) and get fabric to go where the rice paper is so that i can get rid of that animal hair which wont go away if I leave the rice paper there. Then I can match it to Liv's side of the room and match the other side of the screen to my side of the room. :D

Oh and I was bored so I took this picture of me haha I'm a dork I know :D


Colleen said...

Nice photo, Beth. Cookies look good though.

I can't wait until there are pictures of Olivia to see here. Not much longer now.

Quincy said...

Ooh, cookies! Now I have to make some, beth, your making me crave cookies!