August 30, 2008

The New Office

Yepp-o! I've got my computer at home and will now be working from the dining room as opposed to driving into the office. Who knows for how long because of the outsourcing, but I'll take all I can get before I have the baby, and after I have her too.

I set it up yesterday, and good thing, because I had to call the Help Desk (i.e. India) about 4 times and eventually they had to do a password reset for me and the only way to get it to me was through my manager. So needless to say, if I had waited until today, my manager would not have been in the office for me to harass for my password via Yahoo mail, and I would have been SOL.

I set it up all "pretty" (basically I decorated - well sort of). I put up things i need like server lists and break schedules, and then the stuff I have accumulated such as Gerber Daisy (my favorite flower) cut-outs and the drawing of the butterfly tattoo I want eventually and my little origami frog and IT stress ball and cell phone lounge chair. :D Oh and don't you love my Anne Geddes background? I do :D

Here's the finished product:

August 28, 2008

I love my Lips... USTA!

This one is for Quincy... I thought I'd go find my favorite Cucumber and put him up on display since she got her cucumber song so stuck in my head. ;)

Otherwise, I have exactly 3 weeks left until Olivia is supposed to show her face!!! I'm so excited and just taking it one day at a time now. She has been head down for a couple weeks now and likes to stick her hiney up when I rub my belly... she plays games with me and it's really cute. She also likes to kick my side, but not hard enough to hurt, just enough to jolt me and sometimes I swear I can feel her feet when i keep my hand there... I keep having these weird dreams that she pushes her feet out far enough that I can see the imprint, and that she finds my hand with hers. It's so odd, but I just think it must resemble the connection we already have. I can't wait to meet her, even though Grammie and I are both bargaining with her to stay in until the 10th. I think It's gonna be the 15th to be quite honest. But we'll see... Like I said - One day at a time and all it is, is a waiting game now. They wouldn't stop labor now if it started, because the baby is considered full term.
I have her bag packed for the hospital and almost have all of mine packed too. The car seat will be installed in mom's car one of these days, since she is the one whose car will be going to the hospital, and that's really it... Just sit, work, and wait.

Ohh that reminds me! Tonight is my last night in the office, and I have been approved to work from home now. At least till my account gets outsourced... which I'm hoping is December and not September. But either way, I have been approved to work from home till the end of the account. I am super excited about this :D

And the only other thing is to say that I jazzed up my blog a bit and added a couple apps like random facts and the National Geographic Pic of the day, and at the bottom is the Monet Painting of the day (MY FAVORITE ARTIST EVERRRRR)

Ok that's all... hope you enjoyed Larry the Cucumber :D

August 24, 2008


Pardon my crappy appearance, BUT this is what I did this morning... I got one project out of about 4 out of the way. This finished project would be my baby sling!!! I bought the fabric this week (i needed a different one than the one i was going to use so now i have to find a new use for it) and it's hard to tell in these pictures but it's a deep teal - my favorite color... and it's an interlock knit. I used fuscia thread so i had a little contrast and hemmed all the sides and pleated the part that would go through the rings and VOILA - a SLING! :D

I used my purse as a stand in for a baby. :P And it probably weighs just as much as one too lolol

August 19, 2008

Because I was bored...

I came home from work tonight and decided that since I really have nothing to do, I'm gonna make chocolate chip cookies. Yup! 11 @ night I paused last night's Olympics (side note - can you believe Nastia got 2nd in the uneven parallel bars??? UGH she totally deserved Gold even w/ that tie she was better) and went in the kitchen and made 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies as seen below (minus a few that made their way to my stomach and Olivia's too)

I cleaned the bathroom and my room HARDCORE today... my bookshelf actually looks reasonable and I got the folding screen that I bought this week up stairs and in my room so i could dust it off. The wood matches perfectly to the crib. However I went to dust the bottom of the screen and there was a TON of smelly old animal hair most of which wouldn't even come off the rice paper w/ a vacuum... SOOO I decided that I'm gonna go to the fabric store (lol or I could raid Leslie's fabric store :P ) and get fabric to go where the rice paper is so that i can get rid of that animal hair which wont go away if I leave the rice paper there. Then I can match it to Liv's side of the room and match the other side of the screen to my side of the room. :D

Oh and I was bored so I took this picture of me haha I'm a dork I know :D

August 17, 2008


Today was spent watching the 2008 Olympics - Mostly the Equestrian Dressage, Trampoline Gymnastics, and I waited all day to see Swimming. I was very excited to watch for both Dara Torres' 50M free and Michael Phelps in the 800M medley. I was THRILLED when he won his 8th Gold medal and made Olympic History. :D PLUSSS He's nice eye candy - as are most of the men on the US team...

I also did about 4 loads of laundry :D Including some of the baby's stuff like the blanket I just finished making which I shall blog about soon.

And I just thought that dinner looked really good, sooo I took a picture of it... It ended up being just me eating dinner - actually i spent the majority of the day home by myself, but it was nice. Kate's friends had her come over for pizza last minute.

And lastly I took a picture of my stomach in a reclined position, kind of like how I see it when I look down from my point of view... I was in mom's room watching the Olympics, because Kate was downstairs hogging the livingroom... I took it while waiting for swimming to come on and reading The Motherly art of Breastfeeding.

August 13, 2008

My Viking - Part 2!

Here are the pictures Maryann sent me of the Viking. It's a Daisy Model... I can't wait! :D

My very own Viking!

NOOOOO not that kind of viking! :D

A Husqvarna Viking.......!!!!!

Yep, that's right... I will be getting a new sewing machine VERY soon... Actually one of the level 2 techs I work with on my account, Maryann, found out that I sew and said she has one of these that is 2 years old and hardly used and she has been trying to find a good home for it. Sooo She is going to give it to me as sort of a Baby Shower present. :D I'm very excited... She's going to send me a picture later of what it looks like (I took the above pic off the Husqvarna site - it was as close to hers as possible)

Sooo hopefully I will be able to make the baby sling soon that I have all the fabric and sling rings for and whatever else strikes my fancy :)

August 11, 2008

Almost there!!!!!

*MEEP*! Sooo... it's getting closer and closer to the time that Olivia is supposed to be arriving!!!

Here are some Pictures I have taken over the last week of what I look like now... :D

This one is 34 weeks

These are 34 + weeks... Can't hide this belly anymore! :P

Over the last week....

So there were a few things that I was amused by or thought others might appreciate over this last week....

I went for a walk through the IBM buildings the other day and looked out the window and thought WOW that's BEAUTIFUL! It was blue skies with puffy clouds... Idk, but I just liked it, and if it wasn't so warm that day I probably would have taken my walk outside...

Then this week I made a trip to WalMart to pick up a few things before work and I walked outside and saw something I have NEVER seen or even heard of someone doing before........ Because it was hot outside, instead of being in-humane and leaving their dogs in the car, someone set up an umbrella and a padded mat and food and water for their 2 dogs on TOP of their car!!! They attached the leashes to the car and left the dogs there while they went shopping! The 2 dogs looked more than happy where they were and it was definitely drawing a crowd. It made my day for sure.

And then the other day Kate and I were coming home from WalMart after going to look at their Car Seat selection (which is MINIMAL) and it storms were rolling in - so I made Kate take a picture of the storm clouds in the sky while we were on the way home... I think storms are soooo cool. :D

And lastly, I went grocery shopping the "green" way and used my own bags... As you can see here there are about 5 of the recycled bags that Mom and I have got over the last couple months... I thought Leslie would appreciate that one :D

Suprise Baby Shower!

Soooo.... apparently everyone (well ALMOST everyone) knew about this except for me... I was thrown for a HUGE Loop last Sunday morning when I was asked by aunt Deb if Mom and I wanted to go to a baby shower with her before we left that afternoon to come home. I said sure I just have to get ready and take a shower... Then I asked - Who's it for? and Aunt Deb, Mom and Grandma all yelled - YOU!!!!!!!! hahah... Well I'll tell you the look on my face must have been priceless. Then I proceeded to tell them that they are all Nuts (but what family isn't) and then I REALLY had to make an effort to go get ready, because everyone was coming to see me! AGH

So Janet and Jade showed up with all the decorations that they had got and made (Aunt Deb and them made those awesome hanging tissue paper globes) and decorated the back yard. It looked sooo pretty!!!

Almost everyone was there... Mom, Gram, Aunt April, her friend Kimmie, Jade, Hollie, Aunt Deb, Wendy, Bella, Mom's friend Tara (I worked w/ her too) and her lil girl. Sue and Kimmy tried to get there but they both had to work. I was glad everyone got to make it... Even Angela C. from across the street came over for the shower :)

We played 2 games. The first, was we had to guess how much candy was in the bottles and cups and baby food jars... I came away with 2 things from that :) and the other was Guess that Mess. All 10 baby diapers had a different candy bar melted in it to look like baby poop and we had to guess what the candybars were. It was fun :D I think there were like 4 winners.

Here's mom trying to guess what mess that is. hahaha... Appealing isn't it?

The weather started to get tempermental (sun showers) so Aunt Deb decided I should open my gifts. Bella was my helper. as you can see... Almost everyone I named before pitched in for a $150 gift card to Walmart which I will most likely be using towards a Car Seat since I dont have one of those yet.

Above, I opened the onesies Janet and Fam gave me - haha there's better pics below of the gifts I got. And below, is the board book Aunt Deb got me... It's called Olivia and I read it already and It's soooo cute!!! I can't wait to read it to My Olivia. :D

Everyone havin fun below.

Here's the gifts I got - The outfit, socks and blanket are from April, Kimmie and Sarah.

Here are the onesies Janet gave me and below is the Olivia book from Aunt Deb.

This was great and nice since I wont see everyone till sometime after Olivia is born... and since we're not having the actual baby shower here till after the baby is born, it was nice to have this small one with the fam... THANKS AUNT DEB AND JANET! :D

Spiedie Fest 08

So this is my attempt at catching up on Blogging... I have been meaning to put these entries on here for the last week however It's been really busy at work soooooo needless to say I'm doing it all now.


So last weekend Mom and I went back to Grandma's for the Spiedie Fest 08. I have never been to the Spiedie Festival, so it was really cool to finally get to go. We got there and there were a bunch of craft vendors and then we got the the food circle - holy cow! It's never been so hard to choose whose spiedies you want to eat - of course we eventually made our way to the Lupo's tent. In the middle of the food vendor circle, was a car show and then a little later on in the day it was a bike show.

However Mom and I went mostly to see Luke play as the lead guitarist for Mitchel Musso. We got to meet up with him after the concert and say hi. It was great and he seems to be doing really well for himself.

While we were in line waiting to watch the concert Ace Young from American Idol (who was performing later on in the night) was off to the side taking pics w/ people and signing autographs, so OF COURSE I had to go get my picture taken with him and goodness he is cute! :D Yeah I really love this picture :D

(yeah you can't deny that he's GORGEOUS)