April 06, 2010

Our Visit with Mrs. B.

I found out from my mom that a family friend (one of my mom's good friends in NY who also happens to be my 3rd-6th grade teacher) Mrs. B. (Connie B.) was in Arizona visiting friends we know that moved to Arizona a couple years ago. So I got a hold of her and we met up at the big park by their house which was about an hour drive for me but well worth it because this park is HUGE and so fun for kids and adults too.

It was great to see her and visit and catch up and she got to see Olivia and we had a blast.

While waiting for Connie to get there,
Olivia took a test drive in the souped
up Chevy by the railroad tracks
that they have there.

While Connie and I were catching up,
Olivia played on the playground. She loved
the bouncy net a lot.

She also loves slides. This picture was taken
right before she was getting ready to
go down the slide. I love it.

They have this over sized bouncing Dinosaur that
Olivia discovered and she spent a good 5 minutes
saying RAWR and bouncing on it. Cute!

They also have a water fountain play area. It is really
awesome and Olivia had a blast! As you can see
she got pretty wet lol. Good think I think ahead
and had a change of clothes with me. (but not
ahead enough that I packed a bathing suit and little swimmer lol)

This last picture is one Connie took on her phone.
I LOVE IT! Olivia and mommy having a blast!