August 11, 2008

Suprise Baby Shower!

Soooo.... apparently everyone (well ALMOST everyone) knew about this except for me... I was thrown for a HUGE Loop last Sunday morning when I was asked by aunt Deb if Mom and I wanted to go to a baby shower with her before we left that afternoon to come home. I said sure I just have to get ready and take a shower... Then I asked - Who's it for? and Aunt Deb, Mom and Grandma all yelled - YOU!!!!!!!! hahah... Well I'll tell you the look on my face must have been priceless. Then I proceeded to tell them that they are all Nuts (but what family isn't) and then I REALLY had to make an effort to go get ready, because everyone was coming to see me! AGH

So Janet and Jade showed up with all the decorations that they had got and made (Aunt Deb and them made those awesome hanging tissue paper globes) and decorated the back yard. It looked sooo pretty!!!

Almost everyone was there... Mom, Gram, Aunt April, her friend Kimmie, Jade, Hollie, Aunt Deb, Wendy, Bella, Mom's friend Tara (I worked w/ her too) and her lil girl. Sue and Kimmy tried to get there but they both had to work. I was glad everyone got to make it... Even Angela C. from across the street came over for the shower :)

We played 2 games. The first, was we had to guess how much candy was in the bottles and cups and baby food jars... I came away with 2 things from that :) and the other was Guess that Mess. All 10 baby diapers had a different candy bar melted in it to look like baby poop and we had to guess what the candybars were. It was fun :D I think there were like 4 winners.

Here's mom trying to guess what mess that is. hahaha... Appealing isn't it?

The weather started to get tempermental (sun showers) so Aunt Deb decided I should open my gifts. Bella was my helper. as you can see... Almost everyone I named before pitched in for a $150 gift card to Walmart which I will most likely be using towards a Car Seat since I dont have one of those yet.

Above, I opened the onesies Janet and Fam gave me - haha there's better pics below of the gifts I got. And below, is the board book Aunt Deb got me... It's called Olivia and I read it already and It's soooo cute!!! I can't wait to read it to My Olivia. :D

Everyone havin fun below.

Here's the gifts I got - The outfit, socks and blanket are from April, Kimmie and Sarah.

Here are the onesies Janet gave me and below is the Olivia book from Aunt Deb.

This was great and nice since I wont see everyone till sometime after Olivia is born... and since we're not having the actual baby shower here till after the baby is born, it was nice to have this small one with the fam... THANKS AUNT DEB AND JANET! :D

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