March 31, 2009

Let's do the Army Crawl!

Olivia has figured it out... the cute little baby army crawl and now she's REALLY all over the place.

Those are 2 videos that I took last night while she decided... "Ohhh i think I'm gonna be over there! nope now i wanna be over there!" She was everywhere last night and it was no different when i put her on the floor this morning. Actually today was better. Which means i need to baby proof and get a gate or something of the sort.

Here are just some more pictures of Olivia sitting up and in her new Tinkerbell stroller and playing with mommy and sitting in her highchair waiting for food lol.

In other news....... I signed up for online distance learning classes to get my Interior Decorating Certificate!!!! It's about time and I'm really excited... sooooooo if anyone wants me to decorate I'm game :D I can probably finish school anywhere from 9-18 months and The courses look to be very detailed and that means there is soooo much for me to learn and I just cannot wait! David Bromstead look out cuz Liz is on her way up!!!! LOL (p.s. I heart David Bromstead - I think his designs are amazing)

March 26, 2009

6 months!

Ok so time goes REALLY fast..... in 3 days Olivia will b 6 months old ALREADY!!! It's crazy how fast it's going!

She can get where she wants to go if u put her on the floor... She is babbling and singing - she says da da da a lot and gives people respberries and plays along with you when you pat your hand over her mouth so that she will make noise... She gives kisses and cuddles alot now... oh yea and she can sit up without help (most of the time). She's AMAZING!

She's also eating babyfood now... she really likes bananas and green beans.... I am introducing applesauce today - we'll see how that goes. :D

Yesterday we went to the doctors for her 6mo checkup. Olivia is 17lb 9oz and 26" long! She had a couple shots and had a slight fever/reaction to them yesterday and today too... Last night was not a fun night... she slept for 2 hours and then was awake from 12-3am - thank goodness she is taking a long nap this morning. She needs it. Because of the shots she has been a little more fussy than usual and definitely clingy... but i like when she cuddles and wants me to hold her.

Anyways here are a few pictures I've taken recently... Last night i gave her some pizza crust at dinner and she went to town on it.

Sitting up all by herself in her crib... she was watching baby Einstein on the piortable DVD player and being SUPER cute :D

Mommy and Olivia - she was trying to get my phone while i took the picture

Making faces at the camera while saying da da da da da
Sitting in her crib and watching finding Nemo while I cleaned the room
I LOVE this little girl!!!

March 17, 2009

Little Leprechaun

Olivia says... Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Now don't ya be eatin' me lucky charms :D

March 16, 2009


Just some pictures that I've taken over the last few days :D

So I finally got my rear in gear and decorated Olivia's "nursery" end of the room. I bought 2 pink panels to go on either side of the yellow panel on the window and hung up the letters i made of her name and put some butterfly and gerber daisy wall stickers that i found at the dollar store :D also had to buy a bumper for her bed cuz she likes to bonk her head on the wood now that she can crawl around and a new bedskirt... I'm very proud of it :D

Guess what Olivia found.... lol

Olivia was taking a nap in her pack and play the other day and before she fell asleep i decided i wanted some blueberry whoppers at which point i put 4 in my hand and looked back and noticed only 3... So I looked around on the floor and in her pack and play and couldn't find it, so I just assumed that it had either rolled under the couch or fell back into the whopper box.

Olivia fell asleep and I was sitting at the computer and Mom was sitting on the couch when Olivia woke up. Mom was trying to ignore her in hopes that she would fall back asleep but then was watching Liv and was wondering what the heck she was doing in there. Mom got up to check on her and started laughing and telling me to get my camera and come over there. Needless to say when I saw Olivia I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Apparently that fallen whopper did find itself into the pack and play and blended in w/ the blanket and Olivia found it and ate the whole thing minus the blue smeared across her face and the little bit that was left on the blanket.

She had that "what are you laughing at me for? What did I do?" look on her face.

And here she seems to be very proud of herself... Cuz she really did eat that whole thing... Needless to say a couple hours later she puked blue on me lol

Professional Pictures

I picked up the professional pictures we got done while Chris was here the other day and OMG they are Amazing! I cannot believe how big Olivia has got since she was born. Time really does fly! Hope you love them as much as i do!!! :D

March 11, 2009

Playtime and Crawling

Playing on the blanket Aunt Colleen made her and crawling.... At the bottom of the pictures is a video - PROOF that this beautiful little girl is going to be full on crawling w/in a matter of weeks and its the beginning of my end lolol.... actually she's already all over the place but once she knows she can get around without my help it's gonna be funnnn. She's gonna keep me on my toes FOR SURE lol.

Just Because....She's SOOO CUTE!!!!

I'm uploading pics of olivia that I've taken in the last few days.... The order they uploaded is most current to least current (but really the pictures only go back as far as saturday)....

My little Leprechaun - modeling her St. Patricks Day Hat :P

Mommy and Olivia

Olivia in her Ballerina Outfit

Hangin out at Anita's house - lookin all cute in green

Well she WAS on the blanket but found her way over to the entertainment cabinet and discovered the metal handles

Chillin on the couch in her Sunday Dress (thanks to the hand-me-downs of Rachel's from Chris)

Mom holding Livi... She's waaay too cute in her dress and hat (there are socks to match too) :P

Up on her knees crawling

March 06, 2009

Tattoo :D

Yep! I got a tattoo on my right shoulder blade... I've had it planned for a while and I got it for my birthday... It's a stargazer Lily with Olivia's name underneath it... the artist did an amazing job at drawing it up and channeling what i wanted into the tattoo... He even drop shadowed the name with pink... it's so awesome. I got the stargazer lily because i wanted it to symbolize Olivia reaching for her dreams and the stars.

ALSO - I started Olivia on cereal... so I took this picture this morning - I thought it was pretty friggin cute :D

Life catch-up cuz I'm a BAD/Lazy blogger

I admit it.... I've hardly blogged in this last month... i really need to get back into the habit of blogging...

Sooooo lemme catch you up on Olivia...

She just turned 5 months old and is getting bigger and more adorable everyday. She's learning how to crawl... like she will find her way around by launching herself forward and trying to move her legs and she has not problem getting up on both her hands and knees now... but if u leave her alone for more than 5 minutes you can almost guarantee that she's not going to be in the same spot that you left her in. Che can roll from her back to her belly w/o a problem now and anything she sees or passes she needs to touch/grab/feel it... it's really cute.

As for me...... I turned 22 last Thursday and had a very eventful week... First I got my hair cut and i got glasses that were much needed the week before that.

Then on Thursday 2/26 (my b-day) Olivia's dad (aka my boyfriend) came to see us...

Right now he's getting his act together and going back to school out in Arizona and getting a business degree so he can open up a bar and grill which i have high hopes for. He's also taking care of Olivia's half-sister Rachel who turned 1 just under a month ago.
~Chris and Rachel~

If Olivia progresses anywhere near as fast as Rachel did, Liv will be running around by the time she's 1... and as you can tell she's well on her way already lol.. SO anyways Chris came to see us and Olivia knew he was her dad... she was nothing but smiles and laughs and hugs and kisses the whole time (yes she gives hugs and kisses now too)

So we spent Thursday - Monday with Chris and it was awesome... we went and got some new pictures of Olivia taken so those will be coming soon too... Chris' flight got canceled due to the nor'easter we had.. so needless to say instead of flying back on Monday night from the airport that is 15 minutes away, I had to drive him to a larger one that was 1 1/2 hrs away at 3am the next morning... yeah that was fun. And of course goodbyes are never any fun but I'll see him soon...

Also this week I got a sort of job offer to help my friend out with her company's website and do some marketing/advertising for her... It's just for about 15 hours a week but it's more than before and most of it i get to do from home :D So I'm looking forward to starting that back up too....

I will try to post come pics and videos of Olivia crawling around in the next couple days...

....Disclaimer ~ if you're hurt/mad/upset/annoyed/etc. about Chris and I, I ask you to please be considerate of my feelings, because I'm truly happy, and if you can't accept that then trying to talk me out of my own life decisions and bashing him any more than he's been bashed in the past is only going to make it worse and I'd like for people to be happy for me as opposed to telling me what I'm doing wrong and how you would do it if you were me because you're not me....thanks for understanding....