September 16, 2008


Ok... so now I'm starting to get restless. I'm ready for Olivia already. I went to the doctor's today and the baby's heart sounded good and she's sloooowly moving down. We scheduled an ultrasound for Monday if I don't have the baby before then (and I'm praying that I will have her before this weekend is up) and an exam to make sure there is enough fluid for the baby still and if anything looks wrong they will induce. And if for some reason this child decides to be stubborn, I will be induced no matter what on the 29th. Soooo... I'm really praying that I will just go into natural labor and not need to be induced.

I need to find stuff to do though. Yesterday I vacuumed and dusted the living room and dining room. Today I went to my office to see if I'm going to still have a job after the end of this month (probably not) and to re-acquaint myself w/ some humans in the flesh as opposed to talking to people on instant message all shift. Then I went and saw mom and then to walmart to walk around some more to try and encourage Olivia with the help of gravity and walking to come out.

While I was there I picked up a project. It only took me a little bit when i got home but I thought that the dining room table needed a little something festive/fall-ish, so I bought some flowers and matching glass beads and made a flower arrangement for the table. I think it's really pretty and I love the colors. I hope mom does too!


Grammie/Mom said...

And I do love it. I like fall and its colors and decorations. Thanks Beth

Elizabeth said...

welcome! :)

MaryMary said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog...and congrats on your baby--looks like it'll be soon! You must be so very excited and ready!

Elizabeth said...

yes - both excited and very ready :)