September 25, 2008

Holy YARN Batman!!!

This is a picture of all of the AWESOME yarn that I purchased this week and that mom also picked up for me tonight at discount store... I'm in YARN HEAVEN!!! I don't usually buy these yarns because they cost so much, so I was thrilllled to see the flier mom brought home the otherday and told her - pick up WHATEVER - IDC. Now I just need ideas for projects for some of this yarn!!! Anyone???

These are the rest of the projects I worked on this week. As you know I made that little fairy creature and finished Olivia's octopus... I also finished the Kodama :)

I made a bunny security blanket too... It is very soft. I have been looking for something to use that small skein of yarn for...

And I was looking on Lion Brand's website for free patterns and found one for a spike stitch stocking that is supposed to be 4 different colors, but I wanted to test it out so I used the leftover yarn from the octopus and tested it and since that came out pretty cool I decided that I was going to make one 2x the size for Olivia's Christmas Stocking in Red and White (the leftover white from the Kodama - I like it cuz it's sparkly).


Oh yeah and kind of randomly - Mom bought some Harney and Sons Tea for her tea swaps that she's doing and got me this White Vanilla and Grapefruit Tea. I LOVE how it's packaged in the little silk sachet. AND BOY OH BOY did it ever taste good!!! It smelt like chocolate and just was pretty wonderful.


Grammie/Mom said...

Beth forgot to mention what a bargain the yarn was. The Lion Brand was either $.75 or $1.50!!! It came from our new store, JobLot.

Leslie said...

what about those amigurami cats for avery and mitch???!!!???!!!

Elizabeth said...

i had to find the bag with the ami cats - it was in my closet... found em last night and they are definitely on my list of crafts to get done :)

MaryMary said...

Grapefruit and vanilla tea? YUM! And that's quite a yarn stash. But where is Olivia? :)