March 16, 2009


Just some pictures that I've taken over the last few days :D

So I finally got my rear in gear and decorated Olivia's "nursery" end of the room. I bought 2 pink panels to go on either side of the yellow panel on the window and hung up the letters i made of her name and put some butterfly and gerber daisy wall stickers that i found at the dollar store :D also had to buy a bumper for her bed cuz she likes to bonk her head on the wood now that she can crawl around and a new bedskirt... I'm very proud of it :D


Colleen said...

Haven't you been busy blogging! I love the picture of her looking down, wearing the kisses shirt. Her cheeks are just so chubby.

The butterflies and daisies look great.

Bloggette said...

If I could get rest like photo 2 I think I'd be nicer to cab drivers who don't obey lights. A big feat. One less person in NYC screaming "I'm walking heer!"

I love the baby room. Those letters are adorable.

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