March 26, 2009

6 months!

Ok so time goes REALLY fast..... in 3 days Olivia will b 6 months old ALREADY!!! It's crazy how fast it's going!

She can get where she wants to go if u put her on the floor... She is babbling and singing - she says da da da a lot and gives people respberries and plays along with you when you pat your hand over her mouth so that she will make noise... She gives kisses and cuddles alot now... oh yea and she can sit up without help (most of the time). She's AMAZING!

She's also eating babyfood now... she really likes bananas and green beans.... I am introducing applesauce today - we'll see how that goes. :D

Yesterday we went to the doctors for her 6mo checkup. Olivia is 17lb 9oz and 26" long! She had a couple shots and had a slight fever/reaction to them yesterday and today too... Last night was not a fun night... she slept for 2 hours and then was awake from 12-3am - thank goodness she is taking a long nap this morning. She needs it. Because of the shots she has been a little more fussy than usual and definitely clingy... but i like when she cuddles and wants me to hold her.

Anyways here are a few pictures I've taken recently... Last night i gave her some pizza crust at dinner and she went to town on it.

Sitting up all by herself in her crib... she was watching baby Einstein on the piortable DVD player and being SUPER cute :D

Mommy and Olivia - she was trying to get my phone while i took the picture

Making faces at the camera while saying da da da da da
Sitting in her crib and watching finding Nemo while I cleaned the room
I LOVE this little girl!!!


Colleen said...

What a cute little chunky monkey! Bring her here so I can get my baby fix!

Jen said...

Aw, she's a cutie!

My kids LOVED the Baby Einstein movies.

Kathie said...

How cute is that!!! She is a sweet little girl no wonder you are so in love with her!!! Love the candid pics.

Graphik.Starr said...

Hey mama.I can't believe how big she's gotten!! I still remember the night driving home from work and you called me from the hospital to let me know she was here. She's SO gorgeous, you are one lucky mama.. and she's the luckiest little girl in the world!!!!

Bella said...

What a beautiful girl...ok, baby girl...I would say I want her...but I have 2 granddaughters(twins 15mos) who might get jealous. Have a great day.

Swapbot SewSouthern(Karen)

Joan said...

What a cutie-patootie! I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through all your photos. My grandson is 3 yrs old now and it's almost hard to remember when he was as small as your daughter. It does go by fast. Give her a hug from me -- your swap-bot blog swap partner!

Kirsten B. said...

awww how precious.. i have a son.. he's 9 months old.. doesn't time fly! ~craftymomme08

K said...

Your little one is beautiful. Beautiful eyes, and lots of hair too! Enjoy her! They grow up so fast!

KatyC from swap-bot
(QUICK! It's a Blog! Swap)

AKJassz said...

HI this is Jassz from swap-bot. I am sort of feeling silly because I'm seeing the blogs that you have done and my other partners and I realized that my spot isn't really a blog. I messed up in my understanding. Your baby girl is adorable. I had a daughter in Feb of 08, she is in foster care right now, and I'm missing alot, but reading your blogs and seeing your happy little girl reminded me of all the good times I have had. Your blog is very soothing, and I love how you are sharing all the steps of your daughters new life! I am glad I got to "meet" you. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Liz,
Your daughter is beautiful! And they do grow way too fast, my princess turned 4 yrs old this month - way too quick.

Anonymous said...

Hello Liz -
I'm "rumblegirl" from Swap-Bot. Olivia is just adorable : )

Arizona said...

Sweet girl :) and soooo cute as a leprechaun :) btw I love the purse you have done from plastic yarn - Arizona (swapbot)