March 31, 2009

Let's do the Army Crawl!

Olivia has figured it out... the cute little baby army crawl and now she's REALLY all over the place.

Those are 2 videos that I took last night while she decided... "Ohhh i think I'm gonna be over there! nope now i wanna be over there!" She was everywhere last night and it was no different when i put her on the floor this morning. Actually today was better. Which means i need to baby proof and get a gate or something of the sort.

Here are just some more pictures of Olivia sitting up and in her new Tinkerbell stroller and playing with mommy and sitting in her highchair waiting for food lol.

In other news....... I signed up for online distance learning classes to get my Interior Decorating Certificate!!!! It's about time and I'm really excited... sooooooo if anyone wants me to decorate I'm game :D I can probably finish school anywhere from 9-18 months and The courses look to be very detailed and that means there is soooo much for me to learn and I just cannot wait! David Bromstead look out cuz Liz is on her way up!!!! LOL (p.s. I heart David Bromstead - I think his designs are amazing)

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Jen said...

Now is when it starts getting hectic! But it's fun, too :-)