March 11, 2009

Just Because....She's SOOO CUTE!!!!

I'm uploading pics of olivia that I've taken in the last few days.... The order they uploaded is most current to least current (but really the pictures only go back as far as saturday)....

My little Leprechaun - modeling her St. Patricks Day Hat :P

Mommy and Olivia

Olivia in her Ballerina Outfit

Hangin out at Anita's house - lookin all cute in green

Well she WAS on the blanket but found her way over to the entertainment cabinet and discovered the metal handles

Chillin on the couch in her Sunday Dress (thanks to the hand-me-downs of Rachel's from Chris)

Mom holding Livi... She's waaay too cute in her dress and hat (there are socks to match too) :P

Up on her knees crawling

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Colleen said...

Thanks for the pics! She's adorable. Can't wait to see her again.