March 16, 2009

Guess what Olivia found.... lol

Olivia was taking a nap in her pack and play the other day and before she fell asleep i decided i wanted some blueberry whoppers at which point i put 4 in my hand and looked back and noticed only 3... So I looked around on the floor and in her pack and play and couldn't find it, so I just assumed that it had either rolled under the couch or fell back into the whopper box.

Olivia fell asleep and I was sitting at the computer and Mom was sitting on the couch when Olivia woke up. Mom was trying to ignore her in hopes that she would fall back asleep but then was watching Liv and was wondering what the heck she was doing in there. Mom got up to check on her and started laughing and telling me to get my camera and come over there. Needless to say when I saw Olivia I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Apparently that fallen whopper did find itself into the pack and play and blended in w/ the blanket and Olivia found it and ate the whole thing minus the blue smeared across her face and the little bit that was left on the blanket.

She had that "what are you laughing at me for? What did I do?" look on her face.

And here she seems to be very proud of herself... Cuz she really did eat that whole thing... Needless to say a couple hours later she puked blue on me lol

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Colleen said...

That blue is psychedelic! If you need to, you should be able to wash the blanket on cold and dry low.