February 01, 2011

Pictures... as promised :D

So I'm not sure why i couldn't post these in my last post but I'll start with the most recent picture of myself.....

I got a hair cut just before Christmas and got my side swept bangs back. And while Karalyn was here we dyed the bottom layer of my hair a very dark brown and then I also got a monroe piercing while she was here too.... so this is the new me and I'm loving it ♥

Here are a few of Olivia and I ~ all taken pretty recently (within the last month) 

This picture is probably the oldest one of her out of the whole bunch and even still it's not that old because it's from after I moved to the new apartment. Crazy how much she's grown.
The pic above is Olivia currently. Took this the other day right after she finished eating an oreo. but messy face or not I love it! (plus we got rid of the pacifier!!!!! YAY! no more pictures with that facial obstruction lol)

Olivia playing hat time with her dolls ..... too cute

She actually let me braid her hair... I love it. 

Reading her princess book on her Tag Jr ( ty Grammie and Grampie)

ok this picture = ♥

crocheted olivia a hat.... She loves it

Can you say DIVA?!

And lastly, this one was just plain cute..... I love this little girl with all my ♥!


Colleen said...

No more paci?! Yay! She's adorable!

Grammie/Mom said...

Her braid makes her look so grown up! I cheer the loss of the pacifier also!!

Incipient Wings said...

she's adorable!!!!!
they do grow up so so fast!
and good for you on going back to school and dumping off the negativity!!!!
yay you:)

Amy said...

Hi Liz! Beautiful beautiful photos. Please feel free to play 30 Days! And invite other people to play! It's all about getting to know each other after all. I hope you do, I'd love to follow :)

MaryMary said...

Ohh wow--you weren't kidding when you said you'd updated your blog with lots of pictures. Glad I came over to check them out!

She is soooooo cute but then again, that seems to be a theme that runs through your entire family. Love the pictures!