February 15, 2011

♥ Happy Heart Day ♥

♥ Happy (late) Valentines Day everyone!♥
~these would be the gerber daisies i bought myself for Valentines Day... aren't they pretty!?!?~

So I am posting this a day late, but I was having too much of a great day with the love of my life... ♥

Nope! I don't have a secret boyfriend that I'm not telling anyone about (and surprisingly, I'm extremely happy and content about that... more about this some other time lol) ... So who, you ask? Well if you guessed the obvious answer which is Olvia♥ You would be CORRECT!
...as usual King Friday :P

We spent the day just having some quality Mommy&Daughter time. We woke up, took a shower, got prettiful, ate breakfast and took a few pictures of ourselves.

i am in love with this picture! X's and O's from Olivia, anyone?

Then I decided that since it was Sooo BEAUTIFUL out we would take a walk over to the playground so she could play. Olivia had a blast! 

Afterward, we rescued a friend from school lol and hung out and had lunch at her house. Olivia was so tired that she passed out while watching Toy Story 2 while at my friends house... must have been all that sun she got at the playground. 

I decided that we were going to make a "festive" dinner for Valentines Day. I mean, why not? I'm Super Mom, right?! lol So I got creative and we made some homemade heart shaped pizzas and valentines chocolate chip cookies for dinner and dessert! Don't they look delicious?! Because they were :D

We ended the night with a bath for Olivia (because even though she had one in the morning she was so dirty from playing all day lol) and a movie and Olivia got a manicure and pedicure! 


I  hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I did yesterday! 
XOXOXO's from ME! (consider yourself lucky lol)


Jen said...

Heart-shaped pizza? What a cool mom!! :-)

Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

Colleen said...

"Correct as usual, King Friday!!" LOL!!

Love that curly haired baby! So pretty! I'm glad you enjoyed your day with your favorite Valentine.

Pretty flowers too!

Elizabeth said...

hahaha I am so glad you caught that colleen! I always think of that every time I or someone else says the word correct... guess Mr rogers was good for something lol

Grammie/Mom said...

Ah, King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Saturday. You'll have to introduce Olivia to them.

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