February 03, 2011

Joy of Love

So I decided that I would follow in my sister's foot steps and sign up for a photo challenge. This one in particular is called the Joy of Love and after reading about it here I am really excited to be a part of it... guess i should go dust off my digital camera lol.

Today was just another FREEZING day in Arizona. hahaha. Ok we actually did reach freezing temperatures here in the Valley which is crazy in itself. So after picking up Olivia from her dad's (and making the mistake of wearing flip flops which = numb toes) and taking her to go play at the play place I decided I would go pay my rent (as any good tenant should lol). I walk into the office at my apartments, and fill out the money order I had for the woman and then she asks me, "Did you see the fountain out front?". I asked her if it was frozen and sure enough, the fountain was covered in icicles. That's how cold it was here today. The wind chill factor was ridiculous. So here's my proof that it gets cold in Arizona... :D

Then I spent the rest of the day with Olivia reading books and playing. I decided that we were going to take some pictures of ourselves, but mostly I just wanted to take a bunch of pictures of her. These are my 5 favorites from today. I love her ♥

This last one Olivia took herself lol... 

Lastly... I got my Brand New Glasses today!!!!! I am in Love ♥! I ordered them like 2 weeks ago from Zenni Optical. Basically if you know your prescription you can order super cute glasses online for as little as like 13 bucks! It's crazy. Don't you love them??? I do. They were well worth the wait. :D

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