February 01, 2011

New Year... New Life... New Adventures...... ♥

Well the month of January has come and gone and I haven't posted my New Year post.... well actually, I haven't posted anything since Olivia turned 2 in September. A lot has happened since then and I feel terrible that I am JUST getting to it now, but bear with me.

This year is going to be awesome for many reasons.... but I guess I should start with what has happened since September...

For starters, I broke up with Chris. This was a BIG MAJOR IMPROVEMENT on my life and one that needed to happen a while ago but I had to do it on my own time and not on everyone else's time. Basically I was sick of being a zoo keeper/maid/nanny/exhausted mentally and financially/stressed out all the time..... and the list goes on. But I made the decision to be happy, as I wasn't happy with the way things were going and i do not regret this decision ONE BIT! :D

So needless to say, I got my own apartment. It's in a much better part of town and I love where I live and Olivia does too :D! We have a large 1 BR and we share a room but I'm ok w/ that. It's the perfect size for us for now. But I do not plan on moving any time soon seeing as I have moved 3 times in the last year and a half and there is no way a 4th is in my future any time soon.

The holidays were spent with friends which eased the part where I missed my family. Thanksgiving always hits me hard because it's the one holiday that we always try to make sure that we get together for. I got to spend thanksgiving with my friend Sylina and her huge Mexican family. The best mexican thanksgiving ever! Olivia had a blast with all the kids to play with and I was just happy to be a part of someone's family that day and not home making turkey sandwiches and potato salad haha... 

I decorated my front patio for Christmas and put up my tree in my living room. Christmas was awesome. The morning started out with a Skype session with mom, dad and Kate to watch Olivia open her presents and from there Olivia and I went and spent the day with Leticia and her sisters and her mom. Mexican Christmas... It was fantastic! We watched movies all day and grubbed on some delicious food and again, it made the missing my family part not so bad cuz they kind of are my family out here :D

The new year was also spent with Leticia. Olivia was at her dad's and I put on my pj's and went to Leti's and made dinner, had champagne and watched movies.... perfection.

This last month has been super busy.... starting with Karalyn coming to stay with me for a week - which was AWESOME!!!!! I love when she comes from NY to visit Olivia and I. I swear to you we laughed so hard our abs hurt for a week straight and i think we both probably lost like 10 lbs. haha
Then the week after she left, I started back to college for the first time in 5 years. This is awesome. I am soooo glad to be back in the college grind. I'm only going part time right now and just taking 2 classes, however I'm loving it. I have a computer class (lots of work but awesome) and an Astronomy class (not as much work and 2x as awesome). I was SUPER excited for my Astronomy class and have not been disappointed yet. Our second class was spent reviewing the first class, watching a pink floyd tour of the universe in the planetarium and going up to the roof to look at Jupiter and it's moons through the telescope. Yeah it was sweeeet.

So that pretty much brings you up to speed on what's gone on and how this year is going to be awesome... ♥

So here is the part where I bombard you with pictures... Olivia is getting so big (already over 3 feet tall) and she talks soooo so much and sings and dances all the time. Today she was singing along to one of the songs I was listening to and i couldn't help but grin cuz she was so darn cute! Every day is a wonderful day with her - even when she feels the need to be bossy and fresh (which is quite often). It's like that show/book Olivia about the little pig. She is a handful and at the end of the book when her mom puts her to bed she gives her a kiss and says, "You know, you really wear me out. But I love you anyway." and Olivia kisses her back and says, "I love you anyway too." ~ That's pretty much the same with Me and My Olivia.... She's a handful but I wouldn't have it any other way because she makes every day interesting and awesome. ♥ ♥ ♥

*ok apparently my image uploader doesn't want to work, so I will just post an entire post of pictures once i figure out what the heck is going on w/ it*

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Colleen said...

This was awesome. I'm so glad you're finding your happy place! I just wish I could be closer so I could spend time with you and Olivia. Let me know if that trip to NY pans out.