February 03, 2011

Joy of Love ♥ Days 1-3

So as I said in my last post, I am participating in this photo class/challenge called Joy of Love. I haven't looked for my digital camera yet, but I do have a few ideas as to where it is (yes it's been that long since I've used it) so I guess I should really start looking for it so that I can take some new photos for this challenge and not just use old ones. After all the purpose of this is not only to be fun, but a learning experience as well. ♥

I figured I'll combine a few days at a time for this since there are days that Olivia isn't with me and I will have to catch up on a couple of days as they go... so for now (and I apologize for repeated photos), here is what I have for days 1-3 of Joy of Love.

Day 1: What they do

Reading seems to be very popular in my house recently and I love it. But I love it even more when she takes it upon herself to just go sit down with some books like she was doing for this picture. Bookworm in the making ♥

Day 2: How they look

This is what Olivia looks like when you ask her to make a silly face for the camera. I think she pulled it off successfully, don't you? :D

Day 3: Then & Now

Once a Diva, Always a Diva ♥

♥ Can't wait to share more with you!

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Grammie/Mom said...

Dig out that camera! I thought about joining too but....didn't