January 25, 2009


I thought I would jusy post some pictures of Olivia playing... she's starting to get more independant... she can now reach out for toys and play with them when she is in her bouncy chair or her carseat or even on the floor. she is a big girl! :D

playing w/ her new giraffe rattle

@ nana's playing with bella - or more like being entertained by bella

holding her new favorite stuffy - william (Thanks Quincy!!!)

Playing on the floor - she's very good @ pushing herself up

Laughing at Laura when we went to the restaurant

pushing her face up against the pack and play hahah it was waaay too funny

ok ok so this isnt really playing, but she was very good and watched finding nemo while I attempted to clean our room

playing in the bouncer that laura's family gave us

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