January 25, 2009

LNT Party

As everyone has heard all over the place, Linens N Things has liquidated and gone out of business and seeing as I used to work there and am still good friends w/ the people i worked w/ I was invited to their "LNT *268 4ever* Party" :D I loved getting to see everyone and I hope they loved seeing me too haha although im pretty sure Olivia took over and she definitely was the center of attention. Go figure - a baby being the center of attention hahaha.

look @ what she got a hold of - a noisemaker - good thing she didnt figure out how to use it :P

a few of my LNT buddies

Claudia playing w/ Olivia - it was SO cute

My manager debbie - holding Olivia

I had alot of fun though and it was great to see everyone... I hope i get to see some of them soon... there were more ppl there but I of course didnt get very many pictures of them. :)

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