January 25, 2009

Christmas / New Years

Well first off in the middle of December I got Olivia's pictures taken. Hard to believe that she was 2 1/2 months in these but omg was she a hamm.

This one is the one I got the package of and has been sent around:

This was my free enhanced 8x10 - currently framed and on top of the entertainment center:

This was the extra i got suckered into buying when i went to p/u the pics:

Don't you just want to eat her up???? I can't get over how cute she is.

Sometime not long afterwards Beacon had a Christmas Parade that we took Avery and Mitch to see.... they got their picture taken with Santa - thanks to much persistance by me haha it was insane down there.

So along came Christmas - we had a great day and Olivia was very good for presents and passed out shortly after. Here's a few pictures from christmas.

I love how she looks like a little christmas elf here - she's sitting on her Uncle Chris' lap looking very mischevious...

Lastly is NEw Years. Kate's plans got ruined by the snow, so lucky for me, I had a babysitter and got the heck outta dodge and went to a friends house w/ my friend Karalyn. It was fun and I had a blast. I love this girl lol she makes my life more interesting :D She's Livi's Auntie Kay and she also is the one who bought that little bouncy chair you see Olivia in in the CHristmas presents.

All in all our holidays were great and I really hope everyone's were as well and that you rang in the new year w/ a bang :D

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