November 05, 2008

Baby's First Halloween

Well it's a few days late... but Happy Halloween! I hope everyone's was filled with treats and not tricks. I wanted to post some pictures from Olivia's 1st Halloween and from the weekend. My friend Karalyn works @ Old Navy, and she has turned into my personal shopper for Olivia there lol. She has an outfit or 2 picked out for every holiday and more. So she and I had lunch last Wednesday and she gave me this onesie outfit that is beyond cute! Needless to day it was Olivia's halloween outfit.

It says Mummy Loves me on it

This is THE Banana Costume. It has been in the family for 16 years and counting. Colleen's 4 kids have worn it and Leslie's 2 kids have worn it so naturally it was passed to me when I was pregnant for Olivia to use on her first Halloween. And whoever is next shall get it back/have it passed on to them. Since Olivia is still such a peanut (9lbs. -ish) The costume was too big for her still but that didn't stop me from using it.

We went up to Leslie & Chris' for Halloween. Olivia and I trick or treated with Avery and Mitchell. And yes... I dressed up too. Avery is a gymnast, Mitch is an Astronaut and I was a Bumblebee and of course my lil Banana.

And here are just a couple pics of the kids holding Olivia the day we went to the mall with them and then later came home.

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Love all of you. xxooxxooxxooxxoo