October 30, 2008

MY little Hamm

These are not fake laughs or gas laughs. She's such a hamm. I LOVE it.

I LOOOVE this picture of Olivia. It it my background on the computer. I can't get over the expressions she makes. I can't wait till she develops a full-on personality.
Someone gave me this little hat and I love it. I had it on her for most of the day today.
Is she not the cutest little thing or what?
The bonnet she is wearing in the picture below was actually mine as a baby. Mom said it was the first thing she bought for me.
I love this picture of her laughing. She's my little muffin baby and I love her so much!
And I couldn't resist this picture... I love her outfit and the expression on her face. I think she might have been watching TV. Much like she is doing right now with Aunt Katy.


Leslie said...

oh my goodness what a cute little face. I can not wait to get my hands on her this weekend.

Colleen said...

I love the laughing and smiling! So cute.

Quincy said...

she never fails to make me smile.

Graphik.Starr said...

I love her little faces. She's still so little, but she's so animated. I know she definitely has your dynamite personality and attitude. I think we may have another little starlet on our hands.


Jessica said...

What a doll. I always wanted to have an Olivia! You'd better invest in a baseball bat! You're going to have to beat the boys off of her!