November 16, 2008

She speaks!

It's not formulated words yet, but Olivia is well on her way to being a little chatty comedian...

hahah she has a faux hawk. I LOVE it :D


Quincy said...

She's so cute. She apparentlyhas a lot to say. I like the new backround on your blog.

Leslie said...

she is going to be a funny girl

Jessica said...

It's really horrible to refer to children this way, and I am not quite sure why we do... however, I have to!

She is so freakin' cute! I want to eat her up!

There... I said it. Who really eats sweet, innocent, beautiful little babies!!

Isn't it wonderful when they start talking. It truly is... then they don't stop!

I've got the perfect man for her, he's older... his name is Parker, and he's absolutely adorable also! I'll raise him right so he'll be VERY respectful, especially to the female species!


Hope all is well, you've got a beautiful little one! Enjoy her, it'll go quick!

PS: I'm a horrible blog stalker. So if I don't respond to a message you've sent with in a few days, don't take it personally. Duty calls, all to often! :)

Paula said...

Sooo cute! Enjoy that baby smell, it is so fleeting!