November 25, 2008

2 months already

Olivia is almost 2 months (Saturday she will be) even though the 8 week mark was this monday. Anyways any mom out there knows what 2 months means for a baby.... Shots. :( We went to the doctors today - she's getting longer and weighs 10 6 1/2 and is beautiful and perfect and progressing beautifully says the doctor. Plus she's a hamm - my favorite thing of all besides the fact that she's absolutely and i cannot get enough of her. So she got her shots - 2 in one thigh and 1 in the other and an oral one too.... I hated seeing her cry and assisting the nurse in it. It made me cringe. She was sooo upset. Well we got home and she had fallen asleep and then woke up and I gave her some baby motrin and this is my cute/pathetic picture of her after the meds and passing out all exhausted from the day she had at the doctors.

Ugh I love her.... she is perfect.


Quincy said...

ugh, I hate needles. Time flies by, she's already 2 months, wow.

Colleen said...

Watching the babies get shots was always the worst. So sad.

blueberryjunkie said...

Elizabeth, your baby is absolutely adorable. I have one of my own, but he is now 14months. I hate it when he has to get his shots, I can totally relate to your post, I have been there.

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Carla (a.k.a Chieffa in swap-bot)