October 22, 2008

Green Crafting

Soooo I have a swap I needed to create something for.... and It's due on the 11th. I decided that I wanted to crochet something, but what?!?

WELLL In an effort to try something new as well as reuse/recycle, I am going to be making a purse made out of recycled plastic bags.

I have not started crocheting yet, HOWEVER I am in the process of making my Plarn (and yes that's the official word for plastic yarn). I am currently using walmart bags. But you can use any kind of plastic bag to make plarn including bread bags... how cool is that?

Anywho, this is the Plarn I am in the process of making:
fisrt you get the bag and then cut the bottom off and the top two handles to get the bag/empty tube below:

Afte you have the ends cut off you cut the bag into strips

Then you link the loops that makes together like you can see below

wrap it up and VOILA! The beginnings of a PLARN ball! :D


Colleen said...

I read about this somewhere. Can't wait to see the final product.

Grammie/Mom said...

You'll have to shop at stores with colored bags!

purplume said...

OMG way cool. I love things like thins.
thanks for sharing #690 OWOH