June 01, 2008

My Mini Vacation.... part 1

I had a weekend get-a-way to Leslie's house a couple weekends ago... I needed to get away from the monotony of work for a few days, so I made an impromptu trip to her house to see her and Chris and the kiddies... It was a blast... The weather was really crappy on the way there... lots of rain, but when I finally got there, I was greeted by a shrieking Mitch and Avery who were no less than thrilled that I was there - hahaha. I was happy to be there too. Dinner was yummy and coincidentally, we had the exact same meal planned as Mom did. Leslie and I spent most of the night discussing the baby and life i guess you would say... Saturday we all went to the market and i got dad his Pickled Garlic Cloves (yuk). Avery and I got some cheddar cheese and bagels to eat for lunch later and along with Mitch, we danced to the men playing the guitar as Leslie and Chris picked out their wine... I wish we had a market by me like they do. Ours is verrrry small. Saturday turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day... must have been defying the rain fore casted for the day. I played some games with the kids and showed Avery how to crochet the chain stitch, which by sunday, she had it down pretty good! *GRINS WITH PRIDE* Terry came over with Jak for a little bit who is nothing less than adorable. :) Leslie and I looked at baby items online and researched making a baby sling for myself, which i now FINALLY have all the items I need to make it! (My sling rings came in the mail yesterday - YAY!) And she was working on a project on her sewing machine, and then ended up working on the sewing machine itself... it decided to be difficult that day. It was a nice relaxed day - just what i needed. Sunday, I had to leave unfortunately... had to come back for work. But i got to spend the morning with them and then it was off back to my work filled life and in the rain - again... haha

The reason this is Part 1, is because the pictures of my trip are on the home computer and I am currently procrastinating working here at work lol... but I must get to it. I shall repost soon with pictures of my mini vacation!


Grammie/Mom said...

Nice entry Beth.

Leslie said...

wow, that sure is a blow for blow