May 15, 2008

Lizzard and Terror

So today was one of my best friends last day at work. She is moving on to bigger and better things and I shall miss her horribly. I call her Terror, but really, her name is Terry. She's awesome and hysterical and she and Laura an I are the freakin 3 musketeers here.

So anyhow, Laura and I decorated her desk yesterday night after our shifts were over. Needless to say, we went ALL out on her desk, and were here till about 12:45 decorating.

Here is what her desk looked like when we were done with it:

We also got her a cake (even though she hates cake --- it was supposed to be an ice cream cake, but the man - need i say more - that got it got a cake w/ ice cream in the middle - lol)

I will really miss her... the cool thing is that I met her sister Cindy today, and I'm going to go over to Cindy's house with Laura one of these days, because she has about 8 totes of baby clothes she doesnt want and they are giving them to me... ALLL GIRLS CLOTHES! So we're gonna go through them and I'll take what I want... I dont think I'm gonna have to do any more shopping hahaha...

Here are a few pics of Terry and I - I shall miss her:

(this is of us at the christmas party)

Ok, well that was the extent of today, other than the work I am supposed to be doing now... I guess i should get back to the monotony...

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Grammie/Mom said...

I'm sorry you're sad! Friends moving away take a piece of you with them. I know.