July 06, 2010

Just thought I would share........

.........My new favorite pictures of the girls

It seems like I have to settle for individual pictures because Olivia and Rachel pretty much refuse to take a picture together. And it's not like they can't stand each other because actually they are pretty much each others partner in crime and best friend but either one smiles and the other is crying or grumpy or vice versa. Never a cute happy pic of both girls when i want one. So instead, on the rare occasion, I get amazing pictures of the girls and today was one of those times. It was nice outside, they were happy and my phone was cooperating lol. Hope you love them as much as I do!

I Really cannot believe how big they are getting. Seems like they can reach things today that they couldn't yesterday. Like I remember when Olivia could barely reach the door knob to close the door and now she can reach the light switch if she stands on her toes!

In other news, Our 4th of July was pretty relaxing. Chris worked on our neighbors tattoo and I hung out with the girls and then we went to this ball park called Big League Dreams where they have replicas of different famous stadiums set up. So we took our spot in the outfield of Fenway and picnicked and chased the girls around until it was dark and it was time for fireworks. They sat really well for the show and didn't cry once! Although I did think Olivia was about to when the finale startled her. But all in all they were pooped and we had a blast! (Sorry i have no decent pictures. I tried to take some of the girls during fireworks but they didn't turn out so great and the fireworks setting on my phone is weird so i got some odd shots of the fireworks and nothing good except for maybe the videos i took that i will have to upload later.

Also, Chris and I are on the hunt for a new place to live. Preferably something that is bigger and can fit more than 1 person in the kitchen at a time and has a backyard for the girls and the dogs and maybe even a craft/tattoo room if we were to get so lucky. We called and gave our 30 days notice today so I'm praying that something will pop up that doesn't cost 3x the rent to move in. Oi!

Well I'm going to go watch The Hobbit with Chris now. (yeah we are having a blast from the past moment) and do the rest of my laundry and maybe some dishes (ugh). Goodnight!


Grammie/Mom said...

Love the pics! Dad woke me up to show me the one of Olivia last night! Glad you had fun on the 4th.

Colleen said...

Olivia's hair is so pretty! Hope your move works out.

ANKH said...

Cute girls! Your blog hurts my eyes, tho... :(

~ANKH (Pumpkinniki on SB)

Mad About Pink said...

they are so sweet. I couldn't live without my little boy! so I know what you mean.
MAd About Pink from SB

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Your girls are adorable!

RJcanuck @ SB, via the Blog Me, Baby swap

Roosterruler said...

Your little girls are soo cute! Absolutely adorable. Give them a few hugs from me - a stranger.

Magi via Swapbot