July 25, 2010

I'm a Blogger... Follow ME!

I'm in this swap on Swap-Bot called I'm A Blogger...Follow ME! I love doing these kind of swaps because I love finding new interesting blogs to look at and I love making new blog friends!

Here are my partners for the Swap... So not only do i get to enjoy them but so can you!

Agnetha @ Lilofant Design
Sheri @ The Musings of a Manic
Laura @ True Stories, Honest Lies & Cook Pot Stories
Jennifer @ Jennifer Said.... Life is not a Rehearsal
Elizabeth @ ElizabethMD Jewelry Designs
Misses @ Better than Naked - Vintage and Handmade Finds
Christina @ Chrissy Gee's Swap Blog!
Cathy @ Remember When... Remember Then & Psychic Mama Indigo Child
Beverly @ Lots of Possibilities & Our Family Our Story
Nicole @ Kampiscines & P.S. Kampiscines

Happy Blogging and Swapping!


Anonymous said...

I got you as a partner, and I think it is totally cool you are doing this! I might do it as well, it is a great idea! Deidreart from swapbot.

angela said...

This is just my second swap on Swap-bot but I am really looking forward to it. Your daughters are precious!
Angela Hudler from swap-bot

Andrea said...

Hi ! Lovely blog!!! It is very interesting make frinds on Swap Boot, thank you for being my partner, I just follow you too! Hugs from Brazil, Andrea (acescorcio)

Andrea said...

Yes I will do! I´m your sender partner on this Swap, Hope to make new friends, hugs from Brazil, Andrea (acescorcio)

Jessica said...

Your girls are adorable!!

uniqueeuphoria@ swapbot


Nice blog! LADYHIGHTOWER Swap-Bot Blog Me, Baby

Jessica said...

You have adorable girls!

JessterRoux @ Swap-Bot, Blog Me swap

Anonymous said...

Hi there :)

Likewise, it's only been my first couple of weeks and swap bot and I've to say that Im impressed so far. Made a couple of blogger friends via swap blogs and I know, this is just the beginning of a great start! :)

I hope you find as much joy and excitement in swap bot as I do, and pls continue updating your blog with latest happenings too! :)

thewhimsicalworld @ swap bot
blog me, baby!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see all the blogs you're following for the Blog Me Baby swap. I've found some really interesting ones through it already!

Dani aka Doodlebabe
Blog Me Baby swap (this time haha)

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are so cute Elizabeth, I am having so much fun swapping on swapbot, I hope you are too. Lovely blog!!

Blog Me Baby Swap

Dirty Girl Art said...

Thank you so much for participating in my Blog Me, Baby swap. It's great learning a little about are swap friends.

Elaine said...

what a great little blog you've got going here!

babyshrimp via swapbot
(Blog Me Baby Swap)

ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

I love swapping on swap bot and your blog is so easy to read thank you so much for sharing!

ElizabethMD via SB
(Blog Me Baby Swap)

~TrainMama~ said...

I'm happy you were able to join my swap. I'm also your partner in the Blog me, Baby swap.

Keep Blogging :)


T.J. said...

this sounds like fun! Every time I see one of these I always think I REALLY REALLY REALLY should do a follow- some day!

Thanks for signing on to Any Given Moment- I'm all hooked up here too :) It is an honor to met yet another lovely sister in the bunch!!!! You are so brave to have moved out there- I'm sure it's VERY different, but probably pretty cool too!

billiemonster said...

Hello Elizabeth! I joined that swap too but I didn't get you as a partner hehe! I just wanted to drop in and say thanks so much for stopping by Billie Monster!

~ www.billiemonster.com ~