February 10, 2009

She's a Daaaaayeeyay Tripper...

This past Saturday, Olivia and I took a lil road trip to go see Aunt Deb and Uncle Ron... Ron was skiing for most of the day so Liv and I spent our day with Aunt Deb and had a lot of fun. :D

First, after hanging out at the house for a bit we went out for Chinese for lunch and then when we came home, Aunt deb took Liv and I over to her neighbor Abdul's house. He is from Afghanistan and just recently got his US Citizenship and his family keep and Afghani home... see their living room in the picture below??

While we were there his wife Parwen offered us some Chai Green tea and some of the bread she made from scratch... the one with the black and white sesame seeds is called Roat (idk if that's spelled right but thats how they pronounced it when i asked what it was called) I thought it had lemon in it, but she said that it is milk flour sugar eggs and mint with the sesame seeds on top... she just described it as Afghani bread... I liked it alot but Olivia was crying so I didnt get to eat it all or finish my tea.

They also gave me an outfit for Olivia - it's a blue Carters outfit in size 9mo. I'm sure Olivia will get use out of that this spring/summer :D

After we left Abdul and Parwen's house, Aunt Deb decided it was time for Olivia to take a ride in the "Family Sled" sooo we plopped her in there and Aunt Deb pushed her around on the mekting snow/slush

After we came inside, Olivia got a little mad with me as u can see (heh i think the squishy face is adorable), she and I played a little "Dress Up" and She played with the Tree with Aunt Deb (Olivia loved the texture of the branches the best).

All in all it was a fun day and I'm really glad we went :D

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Grammie/Mom said...

I know Aunt Deb enjoyed the visit too.