July 02, 2008

Follow the... gray industrial carpet???

Sooo.... I no longer have my walking buddy Terry to take breaks w/ and go for walks outside or through the IBM buildings. I miss her... HOWEVER I have been trying to go for walks through the buildings on at least one break (and usually i shoot for my lunch). Yesterday I got curious and just kind of kept walking... and I ended up in the building that faces the building I am actually located in... It was weird to think about how far i actually just walked, but neat too... so I'm sure I will be doing it again very soon on a day that wasn't as crazy as today was...

The picture is of My building from the walkway I was in in the building 2 buildings away

Work was insane and I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head... It was just one of those CRAZY days... and I'm glad it's over... And now I'm going home to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!! - It's Olivia's favorite show :D - she thinks she can dance and gets quite active when i watch that show. LOL

I shall
post new pics of me tomorrow - as I will be 29 weeks!!! good lordy only 11 weeks left.


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Colleen said...

I had no idea that you were back to blogging. I imagine that there will be even more pictures once the baby is here.