July 06, 2008

29 weeks - OMG

These pictures were taken over the last week... I'll try to put them in order... But it's insane how much rounder im getting... i dont just look "fat" now lol... it's been weeks since i could fit into regular jeans... and it's been Prego pants and sweat pants and dresses ALLL the way...

Last Sunday

The middle of this week

About an hour ago when I took my walk through the hallways here.... yep I'm @ work... u guessed it

Gotta loveee mirrors :-P

Olivia is REALLY active and I love every second of it. I'm really looking forward to when she's born... and Right now I feel like I'm nesting like crazy in my room... i just need to feel like something is getting accomplished... hopefully in the next 2 weeks I will have a crib (a friend is giving me one that her sister was gonna use but now isn't because they were given a new one) and I'm getting my room as in order as possible... Idk I guess it just makes me feel better :-P


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