February 04, 2008

Following Suit....

Today I decided to follow suit of the rest of the females in my family...... create a Blog. Never thought I'd have one, but hey... what the heck..... It's a great way to keep up with everyone despite their crazy schedules.

I have been nothing but busy... ask mom and she hardly ever sees me.... I'm at IBM 5 days a week... and at Linens N Things the other 2 days a week... Monday - Thursday I go to IBM from 2pm-10:30pm... Friday & Saturday I am at LNT either opening or closing, depending on the schedule... Sundays right now are the busiest day for me. I go to IBM @ 8am for 4 hours - at 12pm I leave and go to my Play rehearsal for Man of La Mancha from 1-6pm - then I come back to work at IBM until 10:30pm.

I auditioned for Man of La Mancha in December and got the part of Maria the Innkeeper's wife. I get to sing the Opening song of the play - it's my SOLO!!!!! - I am sooo excited. I didn't care if I had any speaking lines at all if I got that solo. However, I do have lines as well. And my character is kind of an overbearing naggy wife with a bad mood all the time. lol it's awesome. The play is going to be the last 2 weekends in April and the first weekend in May.
Man of La Mancha
SaturdayApril 19 - 8:00pm
SundayApril 20 - 2:00pm
FridayApril 25 - 8:00pm
SaturdayApril 26 - 8:00pm
SundayApril 27 - 2:00pm
FridayMay 2 - 8:00pm
SaturdayMay 3 - 8:00pm
SundayMay 4 - 2:00pm

Tickets can be ordered online.... ask me for the link and I'll send it to you..... Please come and see me!!! :)

In my um.... "spare" time I try and crochet (mostly when I'm at work) or draw. I also am trying to look into doing more things with my camera and I plan on doing an at home program to get my Interior Design certificate! :)

Well I guess that is all for now. I will try to update soon.



Colleen said...

Hey, nice to see you in the blog world. So cool about Man of La Mancha. You should be great as the overbearing, naggy wife in a bad mood! :oP Hehe.

Grammie/Mom said...

Hello, BETH!! This is good...like you said, all the females in the family...blogging.

Leslie said...

you should be a little more stalker wise and stop giving people all your info...right there in one spot. Be safe!