February 07, 2008

Best Friends and Burrito's!

Just thought I'd put a little randomness in here.....

I'm currently at work and the time is passing by incredibly slow. I still have an hour left and it feels like I've been here FOREVER... My best friend Becca has been keeping me company..... as usual.

I love her to death. She lives in Texas & we met online, but she's one of the most fantastic people I've met ever. So we pretty much talk all day all the time - either on the phone/txt messages or online. She's hysterical too.

I'm trying to bet all my blocking and lines for the play memorized, as I have to have them memorized by this Sunday's rehearsal. Lines... Blocking... and Music... We only rehearse on Sundays for about 5 hours, so everything moves really fast, but the cast is fantastic and everyone is more than nice - it's like a second family.... they're all nuts too :-P But it's very fun and everyone is perfect for their parts.

Ok... I'm done I guess lol... Just bored..... Ohh and hungry now for taco bell, because whatever someone is eating here smells just like a beef and potato burrito - YUMMMMM


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Grammie/Mom said...

hey kiddo, where did you get the dragonfly? Sorry I missed you again last night. I was in bed already. Call me today ok?