June 29, 2010


Sooooo.... I said earlier that I have been practice skin for Chris recently as he embarks on his tattoo endeavors. Well, today I decided to be practice skin for someone other than Chris............ and that would be me!!!! Yes I did a tattoo on my calf today and not just a nautical star that is what I guess would be a typical "starter" tattoo so I searched long and hard for something i wanted that i knew i would actually like and be able to do and I chose to tattoo this:

So I drew it up last night and did the outline today and it turned out like this!

Isn't he cute!? I'm waiting to color it in later when we get more colors so for now I will just have this outline but I loveeeeee it. And I am pretty proud of it for my first tattoo. It took a little to get used to the tattoo gun but once i was comfortable with it, it was just like tracing a picture (which is all it really was) and I had fun and got it done pretty quick.

:-D Fun times.... i can't wait to fill him in though.


A Peachy Life said...

SO CUTE! This is one of my favorite Azuzephre illustrations.

& kudos for tattooing yourself, thats such a neat thing to do. You did a great job :)

Jojoanna from swapbot
"Im a blogger, follow me" swap

Dani said...

Adorable!!! I'm totally jealous. I could never draw, let alone tattoo myself. Or anyone for that matter. I think it looks awesome! :-D

Dani (Swap-bot Blogger Swap)

Dani said...

Woops...on SB I'm Doodlebabe.

Zilliah said...

Wow, I am super impressed you could tattoo on yourself! I think I'd be too twitchy/squeamish :P It looks awesome, too, just like the picture! Can't wait to see it filled in :D

swapbot: zilliah

Luvystacy said...

Wow, super duper cute...I love those little hearts all around the character....I can't wait to see the finish result. :D

Stacy (luvystacy from Swap-Bot) Blog Me, Baby! Swap

Janice T. said...

Your lines are very good for a first tattoo. I want to be the finished piece.

-MsRigby (via SB for Blog Me, Baby)