March 07, 2010

We've got fish!

So, I play this game on Facebook called fishville. It's your own virtual fish tank and it's pretty awesome. On top of that I've wanted a fish tank for a while.... soooo we got our act together and cleared off a corner of our kitchen counter in a rare spring cleaning motivated moment and got a 10 gallon tank and some decorations this week and went and got some fish for it today.

We have 2 dogs named Orion (a black lab/pit mix) & Apollo (an american bulldog). Then I found out that 2 of my sisters got fish for their kids and I decided it was time to follow through and get some finally for our kids (and us too of course hehe). My 1 niece J named her 2 fish Hermes and Neptune. Then my other sister's 2 kids A & M wanted some fish so they got 4 and consulted J about names and named theirs Jupiter, Venus, Triton & Poseidon. So in true family spirit (and the compulsion to follow through with an existing pattern lol) we decided to name our fish in the same fashion. :D

So meet Artemis, Athena, Medusa & Zeus. (We are getting another one and naming it Persephone but we wanted an angelfish and they didn't have any at petco today)

Top to bottom: Zeus - a Marble Lyretail Molly, Athena - a Gold Gourami, Artemis - a Blue Gourami & our Algea eater Medusa - a Plecostomus.

Above is a better picture of the 3 fish... the neat thing about the gourami's is that they can change color. like get brighter and stuff. Weeeee! :D Fish are soo neat.

A good view of our ancient ruin tank (and all the randomness on the counter behind it - lol sorry)

Like the fallen ruins? lol I do :D I couldn't resist.


Colleen said...

LOL!! That's great! Medusa is the perfect name for an algae eater. We have ruins in our tank as well. I had to talk Grant out of a Roman Coliseum that was way to big.

Okay, fishies... don't die too soon!

Elizabeth said...

hahaha yeah i think i saw one of those coliseums - it was like $30 or $40. Our ruins are perfect for the tank. And the fish seem to like them too.

Grammie/Mom said...

No fish for me! Been there done that! Remember?

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love fish, haha my sisters are obsessed with farmville on facebook ;)