December 10, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Ok this post is out of order from all the rest being that I have about 5 more drafts left to post but I am too excited about these pictures to keep them from you.

I took the girls to get their Christmas pictures taken today and boy do they look cute!!!!

We Got the first, second & last pictures.... I didn't have money to get anymore of the individuals otherwise i would have. We got the package of pictures of the first picture of the two of them and then a sheet with 4 wallets and a 3 1/2 x 5 of Olivia and the same for Rachel. I can order more prints if I want to from the site i got the proofs off of. If anyone wants to order yourself some like a bigger picture than might get sent to you, I can send you the login and pw to get into the site to order these pictures :D I think they came out really great :)

Ok off to bed.... nighty night! Xmas tree pictures to come as soon as I put my tree skirt on and get a good tree topper


Colleen said...

Great pictures. You picked the best ones, but it's always hard not to take them all. Rachel looks so sweet and quiet and Olivia looks like a little imp! :)

Nathanael Rey said...

awww they are adorable! Love the silver shoes!

bookbabie said...

So cute, I bet you are all going to have a Christmas, kids make it that much more special!

MaryMary said...

I should be working, but I'm not.

How big she's gotten and what great pics! It's so weird to not see pics for so long and then see such a grown up girl! said...

I think you picked the best pictures! They are all soooo cute. It is always hard to choose.

Need a tutu for your next portrait session?? ;)

I found you on the swap-bot blog swap. I am nelliebugsdotcom and I'm now following you! If you'd like to be pals on any other network (Twitter, FB, Myspace), just let me know!

MIchelle said...

You have gorgeous girls! I am from swap-bot and I wanted to check out everyones blogs and join the ones that appeal to me.hehe. My name is Michelle and I have a 5 year old boy and a girl who will be 8 months on the 13th. Its so much fun having a girl. I started making bows, tutus,, and bow holders when I did.. so I guess she brought some creative-ness out of me..haha.. If you have a facebook or anything.. look me up :) michellekincaide

Miss Piggy said...

all so cute. I'm Mad About Pink from Swap bot. I'm trying to get some photo done with my son but I can't make him pose.

Stacy Lynn Mar said...

The kiddies are adorable!

This is prettypoetstacy from swapbot, I am so sorry for following so late, I am in the middle of moving and have very little availability to the internet until I get moved in.

Can't wait to see more of your blog.