June 25, 2009


I apologize for my BAD (and i mean HORRIBLE) blogging skills these last couple months.... just been doing other stuff i guess. Well I decided that if i don't post now about my vacation i never will.

Olivia and I took a trip to Arizona to see Chris (her dad/my boyfriend). We had a blast visiting with him and with her half-sister Rachel and it was cool to see the girls warm up to each other. Rachel is a lot shyer than Olivia so it took her a little bit but after hanging out together for a while Olivia was getting nice pats on the head and such.... Regretfully i was having so much fun on vacation that i didn't take nearly as many pictures as i should have.

The desert landscape was absolutely breathtaking and I honestly loved driving especially cuz that's when you saw it the best. The mountains and the cactus and the trees and the flowers... It was just beautiful. We saw little lizards here and there too. I love lizards so I thought it was cool.

Other than going to restaurants like Wienerschnitzel and Macaroni Grill and Jack in the Box and a few others that arent in NY and the occassional trip to Walmart, we went to a few of the Outdoor Malls like Desert Ridge Marketplace and my favorite was Tempe Marketplace. Friday was our most eventful day. We went to the Phoenix Zoo and then killed time at the Desert Ridge Marketplace and a beautiful park in Anthem before we went and had dinner with Carolyn, an old friend, and her husband and parents (and 4 dogs lol). That's the only day i took pictures lol so here are a few of my favorites.
The Zoo was hot but it was awesome.... Here are pics of both of the girls playing at the park.

And lastly a picture of Olivia with Carolyn.

....All in all im really glad we went and saw Chris and Rachel. I had a great time no matter how hot it was and I really can't wait to go back.

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Jessica said...

So when are you going back? It looks like you had a great time. The girls look alike, Rachel and Olivia of course. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!